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 Cambodia At a Glance:Economic Review

 Plan Your Business Trip to Cambodia
 Why Cambodia? Why Cambodia for Investment? The short answer is low wages, liberal government policy on business, access to larger markets, and a country that offers extensive opportunities for tourism. The large markets are a function of location and access to AFTA described in this article.  Cambodia also has preferential access to the lucrative European and North American markets through its status as one of the least developed countries (LDC).

Table of Comparison with Other Asian Countries
Cost of doing Business

Asia Table of Peace Index Ranking
GDP Growth Rate
Inflation Rate
Export Growth & Direction
Import Growth
Foreign Direct Investment
Rules and Regulations
Safety and Security
Health and Hygiene
Environmental Awareness
FTAs with East and SEAsia
Exchange Rate
Until recently, Cambodia remained a chaotic and generally difficult place to live and work.  In 1999, the political situation stabilized as the government made efforts to get the guns off the street and to curb corruption.  Cambodian wages remain low. Textile, handicraft and other labor intensive businesses may find this an interesting place to get started

 Cambodia Expects Growth in 2012
 Cambodia's Economy is Set to Expand
 Cambodia – More than You Might Expect
 Cambodia Ports Updates
 Cambodia's Industries Update Tourism Industries Update
 Investing Countries in Cambodia
 Security in SE Asia
 Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos: Travel off the Beaten Path

Investment Trend - Investors Interested in Agriculture Projects in Cambodia  - Cambodia has quietly started to turn up on the agendas of major agriculture, ethanol, bio-diesel, sugar and other producers and forest plantation growers as an attractive and interesting site to locate projects.  Single-visa plan for visitors
 Grant for Reforms from The ADB 
 Investment Costs Comparison: Report
 Cambodia and the WTO - Seven Impacts on Cambodia's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO)
 Implementation and Management of the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) The Singapore - Kunming Rail Link (SKRL) - Connecting domestic rail networks in Asia  Trans-Asia Rail Link - A long link between various countries in Asia 

 Yr. 2008: Our program to  Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China for Loyola Marymount University (LMU) EMBA Program Yr. 2008: Our program to   Vietnam and Cambodia for Leeds University in the U.K. and University of Notre Dame (ND)in the US Yr. 2008: Our program to  Vietnam and Cambodia,  for University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of BusinessBUSINESS GUIDELINES
 Cambodia Companies Directory:
 (Source: Cambodia Ministry of Commerce)

 Strategic Sourcing: for manufacturers 
 25 Key Differences between Management and Corporate Structures in Asia and the West Do you see a trout or a pond? Westerners and Asian literally see and experience different worlds? 

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 Tourism: Tourism Industry in Cambodia
 Alternative Energy:Ethanol and bio-diesel
 Garment: Update on Cambodian Garment and textile
 Security: Security in SE Asia

Investment PROCEDURE
 Site Selection: List of Industrial Parks/Zones in Cambodia Costs: Investment Costs
 Registration: Company Registrations in Cambodia:procedures and list of documents required FDI: FDI in Cambodia: comparing to other Asian countries  Policy: Policy, Rules and Regulations in Cambodia Public Sector Corruption in Asia 


 Ports in Cambodia main international ports in Cambodia  New International Airport Transmission Lines  Infrastructure comparing to other Asian countries

 Airports in Cambodia
 A Tale of Three Cities - business trip to three cities in Asia Plan your business trip to Cambodia Etiquette Trip Journal
Genocide to Latte

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