Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Scientific Research and Publication; how to apply scholarship

On Sunday, March 31, 2013, The Critical Legal Thinking Group (CLT) organized presentation on Scientific Research and Publication which were hosted by the Peace Institute of Cambodia and Youth For Peace (YFP). 

There were 21 people (6 female) from RULE, NUM, PUC, RUPP and NGOs staff. Critical Legal Thinking would like to thanks Mr. Sam Rany, chairman of moderator sand PhD candidate who shared his value time to provide knowledge to Cambodian people.

CLT also would like to thank Ms. Theary Sokun Duong, who was the best facilitator who made environment of event smoothly and smiling. She was a capable person because she was assigned this job immediately after she arrived event. It’s appreciated and very grateful to her who spent her special holiday time to support and help our group.

On other hand, Critical Legal Thinking would like to thank the Peace Institute of Cambodia and Youth For Peace (YFP) that provided the best venue and gave us opportunity to gather within their place and also allowed their staff to support our program. We would like to thanks all participants who spent their holiday time to participate this event. Critical Legal Thinking would like to thank all moderators.

Please see the documents of presentation please click here 

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