Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Letter of Ministry of Finance reveals today.

Cambodia Daily newspapers  today (Sept 21, 2011) issued its article relating to Letter of Ministry of Finance (MoF) sent to Prime Minster Hun Sen to take action against organizations such as Samakum Teang Tnaut (SST). The letter accused SST incited people who living at Railways not get the compensation from the government in exchange resettlement. MoF also accused SST that ADB suspended its project because of SST incitement and wrote untrue information. The impact of letter in which made Ministry of Interior (MoI) suspended activity of SST for five month ( from July to December 2011).

Please link the Cambodia Daily newspaper today:

It believed that the accusation of MoF is legal groundless. It said the government tries to pressure NGOs activity who serve the public interest and protect the poor because now government try have NGOs law to be a guidance for NGOs to follow even Cambodia have enough regulations to cover them.

Is it incitement offense when SST provide the true information to ADB or government? What key element of offense of incitement?

Our group will analysis this issue soon.

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