Saturday, March 31, 2012

ASEAN People Forum issued Joint statement today

31 March 2012
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We, more than 1,200 delegates representing various civil society organizations and movements of workers from rural and urban sectors as well as the migrant sector, peasants and farmers, women, children, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities, urban poor, Indigenous Peoples, victims of human rights violations, domestic workers, lesbian gay transgender/transsexual intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people, human rights defenders and other groups, gathered together in Phnom Penh for the 2012 ASEAN Civil Society Conference / Peoples’ Forum (ACSC/APF) on 29-31 March 2012, to discuss issues under the theme “Transforming ASEAN into a People Centered Community”.

We reaffirm our commitment to ensure that ASEAN upholds the fundamental principles of democracy, rule of law, human rights and dignity, good governance, the best interests of the child, meaningful, substantive and inclusive people’s participation and sustainable development in the pursuit of economic, social, gender and ecological justice and development so as to bring peace and prosperity to the ASEAN region.

We express serious concerns over the fact that since 2005, the ASEAN Civil Society Conferencehas been submitting extensive recommendations to ASEAN leaders and that not much progress has been made. Therefore, we reiterate our recommendations from the 2011 Forum and call on the ASEAN leaders to take positive actions promptly to implement them.

We reiterate that the people’s participation and a truly people-centered ASEAN is an essential part of the ASEAN community building. The growing awareness of ASEAN and its meetings and institutions by the region's people is encouraging. However, we note with deep disappointment that during the ACSC/APF unacceptable restrictions were imposed on participants’ human rights to freedom of expression and assembly. Certain participants were actively discouraged from attending the ACSC/APF, and workshops on land rights and on Burma/Myanmar were not allowed to take place.

We urge ASEAN leaders to ensure people’s participation and a people-centered ASEAN during 2012, as well as in Brunei in 2013 and Burma/Myanmar in 2014. We deeply appreciate and commend the efforts of the organizers of the ACSC/APF in Cambodia who ensured a robust and independent ACSC/APF and present this statement of key issues and recommendations to the 20th ASEAN Summit in Cambodia.

Please click here to link the statement.Download the whole Joint Statement here.                                                                                                       

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