Monday, December 13, 2010

NGOs leaders asked government to delay the date of Consultation

The Group of INGO and LNGO concerned about draft of NGOs which will be conducted and hosted by Ministry of Interior. Some leader of NGOs wants to propose the government to delay the date of consultation from 28 Dec this year to 3rd or 4th week of January 2011. Because some NGOs mentioned that they don't have time enough time to prepare and/or date of MoI proposed is kind of urgently. Below are reasons that all NGOs want to delay the date of consultation:

  • This coincides with a major international holiday which will affect many INGO's and lead to key representatives being absent
  • This period coincides with a financial audit year end cut off for many LNGO's who will therefore be exceptionally busy
  • The period of notice between your announcement and the consultation only allows a short time to gather the views of provincial NGO's who's voices are important
  • As a community we will need to have sufficient time to study (and translate) the draft law, which is not enabled by the short timescale between its issue and the consultation day.
To ensure that the law has the wide consultation which is highlighted as so important by the Royal Government of Cambodia strategic plan, we will also need to understand fully the process for consultation, assuming that there may be a process for comments to be fed back on the first draft law, responses to these comments from the Royal Government of Cambodia, and further discussion on those items, leading to the best possible NGO law. We therefore assume that a one-day consultation represents only the first step in this process, and we are keen to work with you in shaping following staggers of the process may be like.

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