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A Contract Is an Agreement the Law Will Enforce A contract is an agreement the law will enforce. Because contracts are important in the modern world, the law that governs contracts is also important. Unfortunately, contract law can also be complex. So this book explains some general principles of contract law. The book tries to make these principles as easy to understand as it can.

1.1a How This Chapter Works
This first Chapter summarizes some basic aspects of contract law. In doing so, the Chapter actually tries to achieve three different things at once.
First, Chapter 1 is an introduction to this entire book, which is 11 Chapters long. The whole book is designed to be a textbook for a fairly long study of free market contract law, and to be a reference work.

Second, Chapter 1 tries to summarize some basic aspects of contract law. In this regard, Chapter 1 could be used by itself as a textbook for a shorter study of contract law, and as a shorter reference work.

Third, the first part of Chapter 1 tries to concisely summarize some very basic aspects of contract law in an even shorter format. It does this by providing in Section 1.1 a brief introduction to law and contracts, then in
Section 1.2 summarizing Chapter 1 itself! So Sections 1.1-1.2 could be used by themselves as a text for a very short study of contract law, and as a quick reference. These first two Sections also provide a brief overview of the rest of the Chapter and the book.

In its attempt to work on three levels at once, Chapter 1 alternates between introductory material that should help readers understand what follows in the rest of the book, and summary material that tries to provide
readers with an overview of what follows in the rest of the book. Although it may seem a little confusing, this alternating structure is designed to try to address the different needs of a variety of potential readers. The following chart illustrates the structure of Chapter 1.

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