Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Law on Implementation of Civil Code in Cambodia

The below is quotation article from person who analysis about the Civil Code in Cambodia.

As you know ready the Civil Code was passed by National Assembly since 2007 but it was not enacted because it needed many laws to support it such as the law on bailiff, law on notary and so on…however even those laws have not been adopted yet, the Civil Code still go forward.
By waiting for along time, in April 2011, the national Assembly of Kingdom of Cambodiaadopted the law on Implementation of Civil Code in Cambodia  and Senate agreed the whole content since May 2011 and then the King sign to announce to use this law on May 31, 2011 but it’s under the condition that it would be enforced after six month from the signature after the Royal Government of Cambodia disseminate this law to relevant institution and people (Article 84: date for implementation of the law).
The Civil Code is seemly unconstitutional law because in the Cambodian constitution stated in article 93 New (As amended March 20009) that “Any law approved by the assembly and finally reviewed by the  Senate and signed by the King for its promulgation shall go into effect in Phnom  Penh ten days after its signing and throughout the country twenty days after its  signing. Laws that are stipulated as urgent shall take effect  immediately throughout the country after promulgation. Laws that are signed by the King for its promulgation shall be  published in the official journal and announced it to the public throughout the  country”. However, it is a new context of law progress in Cambodia. Let see together.
If you want to understand more on it please link here in Khmer and English.
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