Monday, April 4, 2011

NGO law Strategic Workshop

A second draft of the NGO/Associations was shared by the RGC on 24th March and NGO representatives had a meeting with MOI and MOFA on 29th March to renew key asks: voluntary registration, right of appeal, clarify on terms and definitions within the draft. Although intensely discussed, there is no clear ground to believe that these requests will be met.

The Government looks set to move this draft (as it is) to the Council of Ministers (COM)for further processing.  It is therefore important that NGO/CSO to meet and consult so that a shared position is reached for further advocacy work and collective action points while the law is moving from the COM to the National Assembly for promulgation. 


The main objectives of this meeting are:
1.     Provide latest update to NGO community at national and sub national level
2.     Inform and seek support for latest positioning
3.     Discuss future advocacy strategies

Expected outputs:

·         National and sub national NGO community updated on latest development of NGO law 
·         Positioning of National and sub national NGO community is defined
·         Future strategies and action plans defined     

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