Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joint letter about the draft of NGOs Law in Cambodia signed by 10 INGOs

Please find link below about sample joint letter about the Law on Associations & NGO Law (LANGO) signed by 10 INGOs which was emailed to 35 foreign ministers and Baroness Catherine Ashton an hour ago. The list of foreign ministers and sample letter will be emailed in English/Khmer (translation in Khmer will be finalized tomorrow) to media inside and outside Cambodia tomorrow morning. Please link here to see the statement were sent to US secretary of state. 

We encourage you to forward these two documents to your NGO partners, your members, your headquarters, your membership organizations inside/outside Cambodia, your donors, your embassies, your members of parliament/congress and anyone else or any other group that would be receptive to this letter. As this is an open letter, do not hesitate to post it on your web sites, facebook, twitter, newsletters and any other public notice or social media.

Please note that Amnesty International is finalizing a similar letter which will also be sent to the same foreign ministers in the next couple of days. Please link here to see all institutions were be sent the statement. 

We also attaching the latest report by Surya Subedi (UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of HR in Cambodia) who will present this report in Geneva on  Sept. 28, 2011. The report includes very brief sections on the LANGO and Trades Union Law. Please click here to see  report UN special raporteur.

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