Friday, September 30, 2011

Ministry of Interior provided choices for NGOs for draft of NGOs Law

Through the Raksmey Kampuchea newspaper released today (Sept 30, 2011) page A3 quoted the word of Minster of Interior (MoI), Mr. Sor Kheng that draft Law on NGOs (LANGO) will be adopted by National Assembly within the fourth mandate of Royal Government of Cambodia (2008-2013). LANGO is top law that government shall do because many countries in the world, they have such law as well.

The reason that government shall need LANGO because it based on the Cambodian Constitution and also government policy.

MoI will received all comments or ideas from the civil societies but MoI has authority to accept or deny those comment. Mr. Sor Kheng also said that MoI will not receive 100% but those comments can be accepted from 60% to 70%. And if possible, MoI will accept the comments 80%.

Sor Keng raised two major: 1. Registration, 2. Reporting:

1- Registration: Sor Keng word's seemly registration shall be mandatory for creating legal entity but he said that the existent NGOs are not needed to re-register, it just fulfill some document and send to MoI are enough . But for the new, it must be registered to forming the legal entity. Procedure of registration is simple and easy to process it.

2. Reporting: NGOs have two options.----(a) NGOs send annual report to their donor so NGOs just CC those reports to MoI are enough. It is not needed to reproduce report and send to MoI. and (b) NGOs are not needed to send those annual reports to MoI but all NGOs shall keep their reports at their office when the authority needs them, NGOs shall present it.

Through information above, LJC thought that the government of Cambodia is seemly open its space to accept the comments and ideas from all environments when there are many pressure from national and international communities. Therefore, all NGOs in Cambodia shall provide significant comment to government is better than to thought the minor issue. Through LJC observation, some NGOs don't know what type of the core issue happening in the LANGO, they just come to talk that NO NEED LANGO. it's meaningless for NGOs to do like this. NGOs shall consolidate all important comments and should collect idea from the expert of law relating non profit organization and send to government.

LJC thought that the most important for NGOs to persuade the government is relating Registration. It should be advocated to volunteer to register for non profit organization. It's the key issue shall be done as priority because in the Cambodian Constitution and international principles provide freedom to form association. It means that it can be formed without registration.

About reporting, it is secondary issue. LJC thought that it's not interference of government to NGOs because government want to know NGOs activities as well. Government has authorities to see those report but all NGOs should provide mechanism for government to check activity or report of NGOs such as how many day the government official shall inform to NGO that they want to visit. And what are the reasons? If government officials check many times it's interfere NGOs activities.

LJC will be looking closely about the progress of LANGO and will update all information for readers.

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