Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Pressure against CCHR

Dear all

This message is to update you on the meeting that CCHR staff held with the Ministry of Interior on Monday 10 October following a complaint letter submitted by CCHR to the MoI regarding recent obstacles encountered in relation to the holding of training events in Kampong Thom Province. The meeting, which was held between Chhim Savuth and, myself, Suon Bunthoeun, along with Am Sam Ath from LICADHO and Chhum Dy of CLEC, and Va Vanthoeun, from the Department of Political Affairs at the MoI.
After discussing the contents of the letter CCHR submitted to the MoI, Mr. Vanthoeun said that he did not call the meeting to sit in judgement between CCHR and the Kampong Thom authorities rather he sought to ensure cooperation between organizations such as CCHR and local authorities.

In particular regard to CCHR, Mr. Vanthoeun made three complaints which he requested CCHR address:

1.       CCHR had failed to send a formal letter on the occasion of Ou Virak’s replacing Khem Sokha as President of CCHR;
2.      CCHR would have to amend our organization rubber stamps to abide by Ministry administrative requirements; and
3.      CCHR would have to abide by an unnamed new ministerial circular which requires us to request permission from the Ministry every six months to engage in activities in the promotion of human rights.
It is the intention of CCHR to abide by the first two requests outlined above through the provision of a letter to the MoI outlining the appointment to the position of President of CCHR of Ou Virak and by changing our rubber stamps. However, as CCHR was not allowed to viewed the circular mentioned at the meeting and therefore do not know its contents or its basis, if any, in law, we are not in a position to address this concern. 
Thank you and kind regards,  

Suon Bunthoeun, Attorney –at- Law

Project Officer of Training and Public Forum, CCHR

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