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ADHOC launched Land and Housing Rights Report 2011

ADHOC launched Land and Housing Rights Report 2011

Today (Mach 22), ADHOC launched its annual report on Land and Housing Right report 2011 at its central office.

Through ADHOC reported found that in 2011, 123 sub-decree of Economic Land Concession (ELC) were granted to private companies, amounting a total area of 751,882 hectares. This report cited that about two third of this figure have been taken from protected area.

Up to 2011, the government granted ELC amounting to 2,276,349 hectares to 225 companies through Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and sub-decree of ELC. The number of ELC could be even greater since some ministries also granted ELCs, allegedly to improve some sectors such land concessions for mining (56 zones) through Ministry of Industry, Mine and Energy, and land concessions to develop 22 special economic Zones.

ADHOC reported about the land conflict result from improper enforcement of the land law and sub-decree of ELC No. 146 namely: failure to assess environmental and social effect; there is no comprehensive information available on ELC; many companies cleared land and resident land of people through simple notification (Shor. Chor. Nor); and when conflict arise, resolutions are very often in favor of company.

Beside the land conflict, ADHOC’s report raised force eviction. Until 2011, there were 127 communities that evented from their home, including 81 in Phnom Penh. Force eviction has effected 30,009 families. Furthermore, around 606 communities exposed to forced eviction in the future.

The solution of land conflict generally takes years and competent authorities tend to fear the companies that enjoy support the rich, well-connect parties. This causes an increase in protests on the part of poor, powerless people. In 2001, most of these protests have been prevented, banned or violently crackdown by arm forces. There have been 36 instances of violence against communities affect by land conflict when they protest.

By the ways, some community people who claimed their rights were accused of defamation, disinformation and incitement by court. In 2011, at least 427 people accuse (in 2010, there were 319), among whom 95 have been arrested and 48 detained. The rest have managed to escape or are currently waiting for trial. Among of this people, some are human rights defenders or activists, parliamentary representatives, media reporter, lawyers commune councilor or deputy chiefs. 

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