Friday, March 2, 2012

Does Cambodia have Rule of Law or RULE of MAN?

Does government have intention to arrest the suspect of governor who shoots the workers in Svay Rieng province or not? 

Cambodia doesn't have Rule of Law but It Rules of Man as same same Dr. Lao Monhay said.

Through the Cambodia Daily issued today (March 2, 2012) identified the suspect who shot the factory worker in Svay Rieng province is Bavet Governor. Sar Kheng, minister of Interior Ministry said that Bavet Governor is a suspect but his ministry has no rights to arrest him because this case is up to court. Is it true word that Sar Kheng says? If we refer to the case of something related to Opposition party make something affect the ruling parties, the RULING group will attack and arrest that suspect immediately but this case is under the line of Ruling parties so that why he said that like.

In this article also quoted Dr. Lao Monhay that IF YOU BEAT THE DOG, YOU HAVE TO MIND ITS OWNER. Who is the owner of Bavet Governor? hmm we don’t want to analysis anymore just say that he had a powerful person behind him.

The suspect also allowed his network team to pay $500 per victim by exchanging thumbprint not to file complaint against suspect. The families victim don’t want to get such compensation but they are afraid to have bad consequence in the future so they shall get that money and force to put their thumbprint on the paper. They didn’t understand the content of paper say.

Based on the Criminal Code Procedure (CCP), the agreement between victim and suspect cannot be ceased the Criminal Action. According to article 4 of CCP “Criminal actions are brought by prosecutors for the benefit of the general society. Prosecutors INITIATE CRIMINATAL CHARGE and request the application of the law by investigating authorities and trial authorities”
Article 5 of CCP Criminal Actions filed by Victims “The victims of a felony or misdemeanor can file a complaint as PLAINTIFFS OF A CIVIL ACTION before the investigating judge.”  


ARTICLE 7: The reasons for dropping a charge in a criminal action are as follows:

1.     The death of an accused person;
2.     The expiration of the statute of limitations;
3.     A grant of amnesty;
4.     Abrogation of the criminal law; or
5.     The res judicata

Where it is expressly provided for in separate laws, criminal actions may also be ceased by:

1.     A settlement with the state;
2.     The withdrawal of civil complaint in case where the civil complaint is a condition required for the criminal charges;
3.     The payment of a lump sum or an agreed fine. 

LJC thought the shooting made by suspect, it cannot be said that it was incidental matter and he didn’t have intention to kill the workers. The suspect has real intention to kill the victim so the Prosecutor cannot drop this case by providing reason that victim withdraw the complaint. If the prosecutor drops this case, it means that Cambodian people do not need the court system. 

We hope that this case will not be fallen into the impunity that make Cambodia become a bad country.  

Please see the original article of Cambodia Daily issued Today: 

Recently news issued by Cambodia Daily today (March 3, 2012) that the suspect of Bavet Governor, Bandith was arrested by police on Friday 2, 2012.  This information was quoted from ADHOC coordinator in Svay Rieng and LICADHO stafff in Phnom Penh. But the news cannot confirm with official at Ministry of Interior (MoI). The pictures of shooting by governor were shot by Koh Santepheap newspaper reporter. Those pictures as evidence to prove that the Governor took gun triggered directly to Factory workers.

However based on Kohsantepheap newspaper website today provided information that suspect Bandith was invited to MoI to clarify on the case and he was allowed to return back home.

លោកឈូក​ បណ្ឌិត​ ចូល​បំភ្លឺ​នៅ​ក្រ​សូង​មហា​ផ្ទៃ​មួយព្រឹក​វិល​ត្រឡប់​​ទៅវិញ​

ដោយ​ ៖ ប្រុសកោះ
ថ្ងៃសៅរ៏ ទី៣ ខែមិនា ឆ្នាំ២០១២ ម៉ោង ១៥:១០ តាម​ប្រភព​ព័ត៌មាន​ពីមន្រ្តី​ជាន់​ខ្ពស់​នៃក្រសួង​មហា​ផ្ទៃ​បាន​ឱ្យ​ដឹងថា​ លោកឈូក​ បណ្ឌិត​ ដែលត្រូវ​បានអះ​អាង​ ដោយលោក​ឧបនាយក​រដ្ឋមន្រ្ដី​ស ខេង​ ថា ជាអ្នកបាញ់​ទៅលើ​កម្មការិនី​៣នាក់​ឱ្យរងរបួសធ្ងន់​នៅក្រុង​បាវិត​នោះ​ បាន​ចូលមក​​បំភ្លឺ​នៅ​នាយកដ្ឋាន​ព្រហ្ម​ទណ្ឌនៃ​ក្រ​សូងមហា​ផ្ទៃ​កាលពីព្រឹក​​ថ្ងៃទី៣​មីនា​២០១២ ដោយ​មាន​ភ្ជាប់​ឯកសារ​មកជា​មួយជាច្រើន។​
លោកឈូក បណ្ឌិត​ មិន​ត្រូវ​បាន​ឃាត់​ខ្លួននោះ​ទេ​ បើទោះ​ណា​តុលាការ​កំពុង​ចាត់ការ​រឿងបាញ់​រះនេះ​ក៏ដោយ​​ ពោលគឺចូល​បំភ្លឺ​រឿងបាញ់រះនេះ​នៅ​ក្រសួង​មហាផ្ទៃ​មួយព្រឹក​ប៉ុណ្ណោះក៏វិល​ត្រឡប់​ទៅវិញ។​ តាម​នីនិវិធី​រឿងបាញ់​ រះនេះត្រូវបាន​ក្រសួង​មហាផ្ទៃ​បញ្ជូនសំណុំរឿង​ទៅដល់​តុលាការ​ខេត្ត​ស្វាយ​រៀង​​រួចហើយ​​ គួរតែ​ចាត់ការ​នៅឯ​ខេត្ត​ស្វាយរៀង ឬថា ​លោកឈូក​ បណ្ឌិត​ បើចង់​ចូលបំ​ភ្លឺ គួរតែចូល​បំភ្លឺ​នៅស្នង​ការដ្ឋាន​នគរបាល​ខេត្តស្វាយ​រៀង ទើបត្រឹមត្រូវ។

Law Journal of Cambodia (LJC) doubt why the MoI didn't detain the suspect??????????. LJC believes that the court will take action against cruel person who makes Cambodia to fall the bad status. The court must be independent and the high rank must not intervene on the court case. 

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