Sunday, September 15, 2013

A man was killed and many injured during the clash between authorities with people when they were difficult to access the public road

On Sept 15, 2013 around 10:00 PM, It's reported that a man were killed and got many injure after the people clashed with police at skyroad (Kbal Thnal). The CNRP announced that it's responsible because it's caused from the outsider who wanted to incite people to commit the crime. CNRP suggest the governments' official to take action against inciters. Many people were arrested during the clash. Some news reported that the person who dead was not the demonstrator but the watch-looker of event. 

Arrested people (pic source from doyle_kevin)

Through social media post that the hospital are nearby didn't cure the wounded people. If the hospital committed like that it might lead the anger for the demonstrators. Therefore we would to suggest the government's authority to take action to help the victims and shall find the mastermind who create the worst event. 

The below is the person who killed by the authority. 

Through Radio French International interviewed ADHOC's staff said that the person who acted the problem was not the members of CNRP. The persons who angered the traffic jam near their houses and they wanted to remove the wired fence from the public road. However, the demonstrators left the Freedom to their respective residents and they also crossed this road.

Some news reported that the people have house along that way wanted to get the access home and they negotiated with the authorities to withdraw the wired fence but the  authority denied and then the conflict happened. Following this, the authority used real bullets to kill people.

If the people just wanted access way on the public road why the authority didn't remove the barb wired barricade from the road. This problem might happened from the authorities. We cannot accuse against authorities but the authority are parts to responsible for this event as well. The persons who committed this crime shall be responsible before the law.

It should be opened to investigate the persons incite to commit the crime. If authority used their power out of scope, they shall be punished. However, if the inciters who incite people to fight against authority, such persons shall be sentence. It should be considered the balance of power between the demonstrator with empty hand and authorities have full equipment.

It's remembered that tomorrow two leadership parties will have a meeting to solve the political deadlock. Through this clash it might get nothing fruitful of negotiation.

We would like all parties (authority and demonstrators) shall be patient and tolerance each other in order to solve the problem. 

We hope everything will be solved peacefully.

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