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Political unrest still remain in Cambodia after national election on July 28, 2013

On September 14, 2013, the King Sihamony host a meeting with both parties leadership (Cambodian People Party (CPP) and Cambodian National Rescue Party (CNRP) to solve the problem happening. The King gave a speech to the both party leaders to understand and tolerance each other  as well as keep national safety. Through this meeting, the both parties agreed to meet again on September 16, 2013 by formula 6 plus 6. It means 6 members from CPP and 6 members from CNRP to discuss furthermore. The King was doubt hollowed the mind map of CPP because when he was in China, he issued a letter to the people to keep in silence and the political party should respect the election result. The King also issued a letter to response the chairman of National Election Committee (NEC) that he would invite all elected persons to attend the first Assembly meeting on Sept 23, even though the concern problems have not been resolved. Following this, the King also handed the invitation letters to the both political parties leaders. However, The King did not response the CNRP's letter to ask him to make intervention on election irregular, particularly the creation of independence body to investigate the election issues. 

After meeting with King, CCP issued a statement to support the King's idea to appeal the people to keep silently. However, CNRP had meeting with its members and decided to not attend the first Assembly meeting, if the matters has not been resolved properly. Is it ashamed for the King for this matter?  Hmm in the democratic society, the people is the owner of the country so the King just only the facilitator so he didn't have power to force anyone to follow him but he is granted power through Cambodian Constitution. Article 8 of Constitution said "The King of Cambodia shall be a symbol of unity and eternity of the nation. The King shall be guarantor of the national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Cambodia the protector of rights and freedom for all citizens and the guarantor of international treaties." if no one follows what king's recommendation, there was no article to punish such persons.

If we look at the Election Day, it's found many irregular problems happened around the country. Some people were missed their name from the vote list. Some had double or triple name at the different places. This mandate, the people protected their vote by themselves by observing the election full day. They dismissed some Vietnamese who wanted to vote as well.  Through the social media, it's found much news that broadcast the issues happening at many stations. It also had conflict between staff of NEC and people who lost names and reached to burn two police vans.  

From the beginning CPP has a strongly stand that everything election conflict shall be solved through on exist mechanism [through NEC and Constitutional Council (CC)]. However, the both organ (NEC and CC) have been accused to work under supervision of CPP. It has been seen that the result of preliminary result which issued by NEC on July 28 was not changed as the final result. It's accused that the preliminary result, NEC didn't have enough supporting documents or didn't get all data from the pooling stations but after CC rejected all complaints from CNRP, NEC announced the result as same as what it pronounced from the previous time. The ways of CC resolve the controversial also has been accused to bias CPP by issuing the decision which favor CPP. Through checking the safety box A, the majority the safety package became unsafe because all documents were opened or not have figure in them.  Some figure also corrected the data over there. Why CC didn't order to open all safe packages to prove that everything is acceptable?  

The resort, CNPR used mass demonstration to favor their voters. However, CNRP still demands CPP to join with them to create the independence body which involve from UN and NGOs to investigate the irregular election. This request has been rejected by CPP. The people thought that if CPP still won the election, why is CPP afraid to establish the independence body to investigate the election? This is why the people always wonder in their mind.  

CNRP organized its mass demonstration on September 7, 2013 and there were no incident reported. However CNPR still organized its mass demonstration which starts from September 15-17, 2013 to allow people to express their feeling even the Ministry of Interior (MoI) agreed only one day demonstration.  MoI issued a letter to agree CNRP organize mass demonstration but it's not more than 10,000 participants. It's not allowed to walk or march from the Freedom Park. However, CNRP still demand to march from its headquarters to Freedom Park. Today, the participants who attend the mass demonstration are tenting on the freedom park. From tomorrow, we don't know the problem happen. Can demonstration solve the problem or is it the lock way to both political parties' meeting on September 16? Does this action still be political unrest?

                        People who sleep at the freedom park for attending mass demonstration on Sept 15. 

The monks marched for people resolution on Sept 14, 2013. The monks also requested the Supreme Monks to not restrict monk freedom to participate the social events. 

We believe that everything can be solved by peaceful means.  

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