Friday, March 18, 2011

Result of meeting of NGOs Core Group related to NGOs Law

The below is a briefly report from Cooperation  Committee for Cambodia:

Dear colleagues and friends,

Thanks you for your active participation and inputs to the 17th meeting at Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC), NGO Forum meeting room.  There were 26 participants from 24 local and international NGOs. The meeting was facilitated by Saroeun and has produced significant results as follow:

The meeting was discussed on the key agendas: 1) Introduction, 2) updates, and 3) discussions on strategic actions between now to 29th  March 2021, comments on structure of 29th  meeting, and strategic actions after 29th  March.

1. General Updates:
·         The results of meeting with MoI on 21st Jan and MoFAIC on 23rd February, meeting on 12th March were briefly shared. After the 12th, we have sent letters to Deputy Prime Ministers and Minister of Interior and Foreign Affairs for releasing the second draft Law and further Extensive Consultation, and to H.E Nuth Sa An for a meeting to follow up comments made on the 21st Jan.
·         The MOI and MoFAIC have had a meeting on Tuesday, 15th March to finalize the second draft of the Law. H.E Nuth Sa An and H.E Uch Borith are responsible for calling NGOs/Associations representatives to discuss on the 2nd draft.
·         MoI has called Saroeun, CCC to invite CSO representatives to have a meeting with representatives from these two ministries at the MoI on 17th March but he had advocated to postpone the meeting to 28th March and now the meeting date has been changed to 29th March. He has requested to share the draft to public at least 3 working days, otherwise the meeting on 29th will not be adding any values.
·         There was also informed that one of our International NGOs colleague had a meeting with a Senate representative and got informal information that the draft Law would be delayed and delayed.

2. Strategic Actions from now to 28th March 2011: 
·         The first priority is to write letters to ambassadors who have good relationship and influences to the Royal Government of Cambodia to support CSO’s position (releasing the 2nd draft of the Law and extensive consultation). Brian will draft a letter and send around for comments as soon as possible. The letters should be at least sent to Ambassador of Australia, Japan, US, and Swedish, and UK by 18th March and by INGOs who have affiliated with respective country.
·         The coalitions will send a letter to H.E Nuth Sa An for sharing the draft by 18th March requesting for releasing the 2nd draft, as soon as possible.
·         CCC and other coalitions, networks and NGOs that have their networks and partners should inform their members about the updates on NGOs and request them to block their schedule for urgent call for meetings between 24th and 28th March to discuss the second draft.
·         If the 2nd draft Law released, an urgent meeting with Core Group and INGOs will be convened immediately to discuss strategic actions.
·         Reconfirm with Working Group members to prepare themselves for Analyzing the Law, Coordination, and Communication and Advocacy. 
·         Media: the message  to media should be constructive.
·         Timing: If the draft Law is shared on 22nd
o   Analyze the Law from 22nd to 23rd
o   Conduct consultations nationwide through networks, coalitions, groups, etc from 24 – 26 March with clear decisions. We all have to make sure that comments are gathered from all the corners of CSO – grassroots, informal, formal NGOs and Associations.
o   Produce consolidated report on 27th March
o   Share the consolidated report to the MoI on 28th

3. Meeting on 29th March:
If the 2nd draft Law is not released or it still remains BIG concerns from our CSO community, the meeting on 29th March should
·         Start by sharing our remaining concerns (key concerns)
·         Make sure the meeting discuss on the process rather than the content (should not a substantial discussion)
·         Suggest for further discussions

The meeting also suggested to have the extensive consultations with timing as follows: 
·         Translate draft Law into English version, conduct analysis, and share results of analysis to NGOs/Associations and other affected groups
·         Conduct provincial consultations
·         Consultations with children and youth club representatives
·         Consultations with sectoral and network NGOs in Phnom Penh including Community Peace Network, NEP, Star Kampuchea
·         Consultation with CBO and informal groups/association representatives
·         Produce consolidated report 
This should be have at least focal organization to facilitate the planning, process, fund raising. CCC could be responsible for that with support from core group. Saroeun will try to put these into a small concept note with clear timeframe, targets and budget and then share to the participants for their comments. The concept note will be shared to Ambassadors and used also for fund raising.

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