Friday, September 9, 2011

Introduction of Law Journal of Cambodia Team (LJCT)

Law Journal of Cambodia Team (LJCT) is a non-political and independent team who volunteer working for disseminating law in Cambodia. All our comment or idea of LJCT cannot be claimed in front of court and other purpose. LJCT just provide ways for people to understand the context of law and other issues. LJCT wants people to understand the law and live in peaceful means. 

In order to be adequate the information, provide a credit for writers and follow the intellectual property law of Cambodia, LJCT would like to introduce our members and activities below: 

  1. Initiative Member

LJCT was initiated by four people who graduated from Master Degree of Law, in Phnom Penh and abroad.

Most specializations of those members are land law, Civil Matter (Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure), Criminal Matters (Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure), Financial and Banking. Most of LJCT are working as lecturer at universities, NGOs, Banking and Financial institutions and private sector.   

  1. Membership

LJCT welcome for people who want to be member of LJCT. If you want to be members, please send your request to LJCT will response and need you to complete some information.

  1. Activities

LJCT will issue its analysis relating to legal aspects and also update newly information regarding situation of human rights, and progress of investment in Cambodia.

Everyday, LJCT at least one article is post its blogspot. Every weekend, LJCT will wrap up the event for a week.

Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, Volume 34, Issue 1 (Pages 1 - 420)         The Georgetown Law Journal (Volume 4)       Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law

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