Friday, October 7, 2011

ADHOC staffs were summonsed before the court again on Oct 13, 2011 at Ratanakiry provincial court

Last month, ADHOC issued its appeal to the public about the Ratanakiry provincial court summonsed ADHOC and Journalist to be in front of court but later on, the court delayed the proceeding without providing reason. Now, the time is coming again that ADHOC staff and Journalist of RFA are summonsed to be appeared before the court. 

It is a second time in relation to the summons for questioning at Rattanakiri provincial court, of two human rights defenders working for the Cambodian Human Rights and Development Association (ADHOC) in Rattanakiri Province. The two men were due to appear in court on 19 September 2011 subject to charges of incitement but the hearing was delayed and will now be held on 13 October. The charges against the two men were brought in 2009 and relate to a land dispute in Rattanakiri province affecting large numbers of indigenous people. The case was postponed in 2009 and since then the investigative judge who originally charged the men, retired and was replaced by Mr. Loch Lau.

Despite delays, Mr. Pen Bonnar and Mr. Chhay Thy are still hopeful that their names will be cleared on the revised date of 13 October in Rattanakiri provincial court. Nevertheless this remains a sensitive case and one that highlights the use of the judiciary to silence dissent in Cambodia. Due to the nature of the case and upon the requests of the two human rights defenders involved, ADHOC has refrained from speaking out too forcefully on the issue. Nonetheless we realise the importance of disseminating accurate information, and therefore as a reminder please find attached the statement outlining the background of the land conflict in the area and the charges of incitement against Mr. Pen Bonnar, Mr. Chhay Thy and journalist Mr. Ratha Visal. 

ADHOC is sure that you will once again understand the gravity of this situation for the three men involved, and for all human rights defenders in Cambodia.  

For more information, please contact ADHOC central office in Phnm Penh directly. 

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