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Problem and Challenge of ASEAN People's Forum in Cambodia (Kingdom of Wonder??????)

Cambodia is a chair person for ASEAN summit from April 2-4. The meeting of ASEAN leaders and with other famous leaders around the world for solving regional problem and the world in which attracts ASEAN people to address their issues for the leader to take into consideration.  In order to bring people concern, NGOs pro and con- government try their best to collect their respectively concern to put ASEAN summit. However in Cambodia, it has two types of ASEAN People's Forum--- one is organized by it's called neutral NGOs in which are needed to rent hotel for hosting the event and another group of NGOs are supported by government and they can use the public property to process their event freely. The latter group, it's called Government NGOs (GONGO).

It doesn't understand why the government needs to divide NGOs into two groups? is there any benefit from this event? Can government of Cambodia hide all main issue in Cambodia for the world?

Confrontation of Neutral group of NGOs
Law Journal of Cambodia (LJC) received information from the Lucky Star Hotel that people who registered to pay fee to attend ASEAN People’s Forum (APF) were more than 1,000 people. People who attended today are around 1,000 but it had problem of obstruction from hotel owner who said that if the people more than 600 as agreed before, the hotel would turn off the light and lock the door because the owner didn’t want to conflict with the higher ranking who ordered him not allow CSOs to organize this event. It said that Ministry of Interior (MoI) issued a warning letter to all hotels to get permission from MoI before agree to rent the place for any event. However, the Lucky Star Hotel owner made contract with CSOs before MoI’s warning letter so he could cancel the contract. Before the door of venue open, the owner of hotel provided condition to participants that all participants must not allowed to wear any stickers on t-shirt to critic government or put sensitive banner hang on the wall, if they don’t agree, the Hotel Owner will not open the door for participants . The CSOs commissions that organize this event facilitate and then agreed hotel condition. And then, the APF started process its agenda. LJC was very regret to hear this information that hotel owner got pressure from government; it’s Rule of Man not Rule of Law. However, through observers of the event, it saw that the people were commitment and talkative in the event which different from the event at Chaktumok Theater.

On the same day on March 29, at 10:00 PM CHRAC and other NGOs commission for organizing the APF were informed by Lucky Star Hotel that it was not allowed to conduct the seminar on Land, Forest and Mine (LFM) issue in hotel. Then the commission decided to move group of seminar on LFM moved to Paranda hotel in front of Inter-continental hotel. 

On March 30, morning at Paranda hotel, people around 150 were conducting seminar on LFM. However during the seminar, the Paranda Hotel informed the organizer that in afternoon, they would not continue to rent room for participants to conduct seminar anymore. 
In afternoon of the same day, all participants went to original hotel (Lucky Star)--- the group of land, forest and mine still were not allowed to conduct discussion excepted group of health, agriculture.

During the seminar at Lucky Star hotel were also interrupted by hotel staff who withdrew the microphone from speaker--- IT'S AMAZING ISSUE.

LJC will provide further information for tomorrow event.

Our member attended GONGO seminar on March 29, at the session of Challenge of indigenous people in Cambodia. Through observation, we found that the presenters didn't raise about the issue involving indigenous people but they raised only government policy to protect indigenous people. The participant from DPA asked questioned related to IP challenge and issue. He also provided his idea on the matter but he was interrupted by Vietnamese Moderator by giving reason that time was limited for him talk much.

GONGO had conducted their event from March 28-30. Today, March 30, the GONGO proceeded its agenda smoothly because they were supported by the government. This group also issued 8 pages statement for ASEAN leader to consider their concern. Its statement didn't fight the points that people are facing especially related CORRUPTION, LAND CONFLICT, FORCE EVICTION AND DEFORESTATIONS. ITS STATEMENT talked little of problem such gender and development; women and children's; migrant workers and decent work; disability and development; indigenous and ethnic group; democracy and human rights (just want ASEAN leader to implement ASEAN charter and other document related human rights); Natural resource, environment and climate change (Must adopt love natural and environment????????); livelihood improvement .....for more information please link here to read the original draft of GONGO statement. 

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