Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Joint Statement Local authorities forced local residents to provide thumb prints as to support the result of the July 28 election

  Joint Statement
Local authorities forced local residents to provide thumb prints as to support the result of the July 28 election
       Phnom Penh, 19 August 2013

We, a rgoup of civil society, non-governmental organizations and mebers of situation room, are deeply disappoitned and strongly condemning the act of local authority in Phnom Penh and in some other provinces who have been forcing voters to provide their thumb prints in order to support the preliminary contesting-result of the July 28 election.
Accoridng to some voters, they are being threatened by local authorities, forcing them to provide their thumb prints. There are report of instances that local authorities enganging in such act in some localities such as Sangkat O Reusey, Sangkat Srachoak, Sangkat Pong Teuk, Sangkat Boeung Payab, Sangkat Tuol Svay Prey-1, Sangkat Boeungkeng Kong-2 and Sangkat Chak Angrae Krom, including some other provinces.
This act, is a new form of intimidation in the fatermath of the July 28 national election and gravly violating the Cambodia National Constitution, particularly on the rights to freedom of expression of the voters. Moreover, this act has clearly threatened and breached the rights to confidentiality of voters, and this has also intensified tension and potential fear which is currently happening in Cambodia.  
We strongly believe that any petition that is conducted in form of intimidation will not meaningfully contribute to trustable result of the election.  We also believe that this act is undermining the process of free and fair election process and that only transparent and independent investigation on the allegation of irregularities will bring fair and just for Cambodian.
The Situation Room of association and non-governmental organization calls on the current government to take measure to immediately stop this act and ensure that the rights to freedom of expression of voters are fully protected.
For inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Thun Saray           President of Executive Director of CMFREL                       016440044
Mr. Sok Sam Oeun     CHRAC Chairman and Executive Director of CDP              012901199
Mr.Kol Pahna              Executive Director of COMFREL                                         012942017
Mr. Hang Puthea         Executive Director of NICFEC                                              012949666
Mr. Preab Kol             Executive Director of Cambodian Transparency                    012877833
Mr.Him Yon               Coordinator of CISA                                                              012947022
Ms. Ros Sopheap        Executive Director of GAD/C                                                012627857
Mr.Chhit Sam Arth     Executive Director of NGO Forum                                        012928585
Mr. Naly Piloge           Executive Director of LICADHO                                          012803650
Mr. Yeng Vireak         Executive Director of CLEC                                                  066777000
Mr. Suon Bunsak        Executive Secretary of CHRAC                                            092344357

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