Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Memo of Meeting with NGO and Associations Law Core Group

Memo of Meeting
NGO and Associations Law Core Group

 October 14, 2011 CCC’s Office, 11.30- 1.00 pm

             The draft law is now being checked and revised by the MoI in order to check contradictions with other laws and regulations. 
            MOI & MOFA/IC hosted a high level meeting between on 12 October 2011 at MOI and two issues were discussed 1) scope of the law (Article 3) and 2) definitions in the law (Article 4).They need to re-draft the LANGO by the end of December 2011 and pass it to the CoM for further processing. 
            They will call NGO representatives to meet on the 4th draft of the LANGO but not sure of the date yet because they need to wait until the technical level finishes re-drafting
  The upcoming visit from 4 watchdog NGO visits at the end of October and middle of November. Representatives from Freedom House, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Global Witness will be visiting and are interested in meeting with relevant representatives on the LANGO.
            Also mentioned was the enactment of the Civil Code at the end of November and it was suggested that the LANGO (the fact that it is not needed) be tied to this event in some creative way 

             The 4th draft of the LANGO will be a ‘friendly’ one in that it will contain several concessions such as simpler registration processes, no need to re-register for already registered organizations, smaller organizations being able to register with local authorities;  the key issue,  that this law will be used to restrict the democratic space for civil society will remain.  Some donors, governments, local organizations may be appeased by these concessions and applaud the government for their cooperation with CSOs. 

             It should be linked the case of LANGO with principles for development effectiveness based on the Paris Declaration, the Accra Agenda for Action, the Istanbul Principles and Siem Reap Consensus;we should raise this case at the 4HLF in Busan, South Korea.
Participants discussed and decided to host a meeting with INGO so that we can strategize how to advocate with the government and development partners.  

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