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Impact of Barak Obama visits in Cambodia

Impact of Barak Obama visits Cambodia

Local and international newspapers reported, the prime minister Hun Sen met with American president Barak Obama on November 19, 2012. Obama raised some concern related to human rights Cambodia and also free and fair election in 2013. Concerning human rights violation, Hun Sen said that Cambodia follows the rule of law therefore everything shall be under the court to decide someone guilty or not.

However, it's known that the court system in Cambodia is under the influence from the executive brand (government). When the government wants to punish someone is easy to do it.

During the ASEAN summits, the community people who are victims of land grabbing protesting and authority banned their activities. Even the people who spray on the top roof for seeking intervention from US also were arrested.

 Boeungkak community protested on the ground of eviction place which pumped sand by company. Picture from CCHR.

 Eight community members – six women and two men – from Thmor Kol Village by Phnom Penh International Airport were arrested this morning and are currently detained at a local police station. The arrests follow the community spray-painting “SOS” and posting pictures of US President Obama on their rooftops in response to eviction notices issued to at least 165 households by the airport. Last night, local authorities including some 30 armed police officers arrived in the village, warning residents that they could face arrest if they did not remove SOS signs.

Government of Cambodia also requested US to cancel Cambodia's debt. However, Obama replied that such debt will be transferred to develop in Cambodia. The further discussion will be made later.

If Cambodian government doesn't receive recommendations from US president, the Cambodian government might face some problems like economic status. For example, free tax of textile export to US. If US bans product from Cambodia, thousand of factory workers would have jobless and they would demand the government to seek jobs for them. China cannot help Cambodia to grow on business because Cambodia doesn't have goods to export China. However, China doesn't care about the human rights abuse. She gave only the loan and let government does something what it's wanted.

After the Obama met with Hun Sen, Law Journal of Cambodia thought that Cambodian government will improve everything for example: forthcoming election, 2013, human rights situation and judicial system.

It's believed that after Obama leaves Cambodia, the Cambodian government head would reconsider to improve human rights, free and fair election and judicial system to meet international standard in order to exchange the cancellation of debt and to be sustainable economic for the country. 

                                  Meeting between Hun Sen and Barak Obama on November 19, 2012

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